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Dare to Dance

Embedded by Movement# 11 years from step 1, in 2019 I’ve completed my didactic training as a Biodanza teacher in Italy, a global empowerment system created by Rolando Toro Araneda, using music, movement and human encounters to re-frame, well, just about everything we think we know about life, trust, empathy and positive human potentials. Yes, its that big and at the same time very open platform, radically inclusive practice, open to everyone who wish to explore new concepts, insights, feelings and learn more about the mechanism and mystery of life. Whether you are a savvy entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a global marketer, a creator or just a curious person - you’re very much invited. This blog was created in order to share insights, connect, collaborate with creators, discover and explore new motivations and possibilities. I’m using Hebrew or English for texts ant trust your google translate to do the rest. As an extended introduction here are my personal 10 points of reference with one invention: Please Join Me. 1. My Numbers: - For 11 years now, with thousands of hours of music, movement and meaningful human encounters behind me plus a good few minutes of eternity facilitating joy, empathy, laughter, transcendence, I’m exploring the effectiveness of reinforced positive human connections to innovation, growth and trustworthy relationships in all circles of life. It’s really easy if you try. 2. My Explanation: - What is it really? It’s a lab. It’s music, movement, human encounters, exploration, empowered life experience embedded with trust and empathy. It resonates to everything we do. It’s also a constant reminder that life is sacred, short, commune and wonderful (really).

3. My Understanding: - Deep concepts require kineasthetic strategy. knowledge is received in our body as comprehensive experience rather than mainly cerebral cortex activity. It affects our actions, reactions, creative and innovative powers if we dare to allow it, if we dare to dance.

4. My Teachers: - Many. You have faces, names, biography and tattoos in my soul. Thank you all! Family, clients, colleagues, students, mentors, friends and torturers. colleagues - they were all Murray! Special thanks to Dave Eden who sent me to try, Rolando Toro who invented and Sylvie Temple a pioneer and a friend. Without you all this would not have happened. 5. My Parents: - My father was a choreographer and dance teacher, my mother Dr. Nave, an organizational development expert. So no wonder i ran as far ad i could from folk dancing and Edgar Schein’s Iceberg model on culture, but the furthest I got was 40k from home to law school. Time for a quick reality check: I'm 45 years old, a global strategist and a kind of a dance teacher. Karma is a beach, really. 6. My Clients: - And what will they say in New York? Did he loose his edge? Can he achieve unfair advantage putting his killer instincts to sleep? And what will competitors say? Probably nothing. If anyone decides to delete me from any shortlist, there will probably be two others asking for more information about kinesthetic strategy or Biodanza. 7. My Two Cents- Trust. As a global communicator I am constantly exploring the nature of human connections. What connects us? What separates? Why do we trust strangers? How can we use this fundamental human ability to drive change? Enhance growth? Create sustainable future? It's really a lightning-fast biological risk management system checking “a colleague or a predator?" It sends us, in most cases, to connect with strangers, collaborate, envision and invent something new - together. Its a fundamental human behavior fueled by the gregarious instinct, and inherently it is full with hope. 8. My Belief: - Supreme court judge, Haim Cohen taught me that "In the beginning man created God." The Holocaust and Nietzsche did not really add either. So there is no God because there was no God, and if there ever was a God - he had long passed away. Bye bye to magic, fairy-tales, Santa and the Holy Spirit. Well, i was wrong. There is a God and he is always on the move. Need for proof? play Geoffrey Oryema, Judith Ravitz or Zakir Hussein on your spotify or read out loud one of Mark Strand's poems. You may also check out a Biodanza movement class. 9. My Students: - i have the honor to facilitate and teach weekly Biodanza classes to the mentally challenged, inspiring young people i learn so much from. The Biodanza routes took me to Ayalon, one of Israel’s maximum security prisons, where I facilitated a workshop for prisoners sentenced for life. At the same time i used the kinesthetic experience with Google executives- experiencing what trust really means. 10. My invitation: - If you have survived this text by now you are probably a big dreamer yourself or already practicing Biodanza. Either way, this blog is aiming to facilitate thoughts, insights and from time to time inventions to participate in classes or workshops. Hope you'll join me

Maayan Nave


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